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One may not always own all the equipments you need to have on the field , but you need to have those for capturing the best in your camera . Primes & Zooms bridges this gap by providing genuine quality camera gears on rent at very nominal cost , making your experience the best as you desire . Wildlifestories endorses primes & zooms equipment quality and professional service . If you need to believe a genuine name in this field .. Primes & Zooms is the name ..

GO WILD photography


GO WILD is one of its kind company made of wildlife, photography & adventure experts; true nomads at heart who wish that the world would like to travel and see the wild like they do. Constantly on the move, we curate authentic wildlife experiences where you can witness natural beauty from close quarters while ensuring responsible travel and aid to the locals.


Dream. Fly. Explore.

Walk along the candle lit temples of Tibet or wander along the seafronts of Havana with music passing all around you, bring back those sounds and the high cobalt skies and the flash of the vast blue ocean and eventually a little magic to your own life. TRAVELOR, promises you immersive journeys that allow you to sit still, and dissolve yourself truly in the moment and gain what we crave most in our accelerated lives, a break.